Healthy A.F. Club
Healthy A.F. Club
Zane Griggs

The Healthy A.F. Club

The Club For People Who Desire Optimal Health In Every Decade Of Their Lives

About The Club

Healthy A.F. officially stands for Healthy After 50, but feel free to interpret the A.F. however it motivates you. It can be "After 40", "And Fabulous", "As..." you get the idea. 

Regardless of your age, Healthy A.F. is about a desire to be strong, vibrant and making an impact in your 50's and beyond, a time when many people are reducing their expectations of personal fitness and just managing the symptoms of age. Ideally we should be making the necessary lifestyle choices in our 30's and 40's but you're never too old to take charge of your health.

The Healthy A.F.  Club offers people access to group coaching from me, as well as resources like exercise videos, dietary recommendations, interviews with experts, food preparation suggestions, published research and articles, and a chat area where members of the community can engage with each other. 

The Club is NOT about adherence to a specific diet. We emphasize a nutrient dense diet, placing animal based foods at the center, making up the majority of what we eat. Other whole food options can be included as needed or desired based on the individual's ability to digest them, health goals and activity level.

The dietary items to be limited or eliminated are highly processed foods made up of processed grains, processed sugar and the highly inflammatory processed seed oils, a.k.a. vegetable oils.

This community is for people who have a desire to optimize their lifestyle choices for longevity but we acknowledge that each person is on their own journey. We approach our diet as a tool for a particular purpose and even a particular season in a person’s health journey that may need to be adjusted at some point, rather than a personal ideology that must be followed indefinitely without modification. 

For that reason you’ll find a mix of people following pure carnivore, animal based, keto, low carb, intermittent fasting and even a broad animal and plant whole food diet who are like minded in their desire for optimal health, and an understanding that it was the introduction of processed food into our food system in the 1900’s that has driven the current epidemic of metabolic disease.

Why You Should Join US

Have you ever felt alone or isolated in your lifestyle choices?

Have you ever wished you had a group of like minded people with whom you could discuss concerns and draw from their experiences?

This community is for those who want more connection with others that have a desire to optimize their health while following a similar, but not identical lifestyle, and acknowledge that we don't have it ALL figured out and their is plenty to learn from sharing our experience. 

It's for those who are looking for answers because an aspect of your health journey needs improvement.

Its for those who desire the synergy that comes from an encouraging group of people focused on the same goal. 

And while it will be maintained online, connecting offline at organized events is a vital component because face to face interaction can’t be replaced. 

If this is resonating with you , please join us!

A Big Thanks

I want to give a big thanks to everyone who shares this vision and has joined the Club. This community is for you to have the support and resources needed to keep moving forward in your desire for optimal health.

It is also to help facilitate my personal desire for live events where we can get together at a variety of locations and experience the kind of connection that can only happen when we're face to face.

Events where we can hike, swim, paddle, share stories and, of course, EAT together!! The kind of experiences that are fulfilling on many levels.